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Share a Dance by AlyaFenume
Share a Dance

It all started when I just randomly drew a picture that kind of looked like someone dancing and it kind of became Alya, and Kahl KIND OF snuck into it. It spurred on this desire to draw my characters dancing together. And the way/type of dance kind of summed up who they were and all this. Which is how Alya/Kahl became so intimate, how Lydio/Alya aren't even like touching each other, and Valom/Alya are some sort of weird medium.

I've been struggling along with it though. The colors wern't right. The clothes wern't right. The weird little spirals of colors were wrong, or not enough of them. Or my idea for them didn't actually look good and I was having a hard time. 

I've been having a tough time at work as well so I finally just.. decided that I needed to sit down with it. And... I'm quite pleased with it :)

Alya/Valom Fusion by AlyaFenume
Alya/Valom Fusion
It isn't entirely Steven Universe's influence that caused that. Someone else took the idea and used two characters and did a fusion of them. I... just suddenly got floored by the idea that Alya and Valom are red/blue just like one of the main SU characters (and also the characters someone else did a fusion of)

It was fun xD
Bound by AlyaFenume
This was done for a few reasons.
One : I had done an image a while back that was supposed to show Valom smothering Alya with one hand, and bandaging her wounds with the other. The details got kind of lost, despite me liking the image. And I partially wanted to kind of redo the concept.
Two : Speaking on Alya's scars. In a lot of ways, she recieves them because of Valom. Either because they're meeting was preordained, or because of someone she got mixed up with, that decides to twist her friendship with him into something bad.
I am... extreamly aware that her scars look like scratch marks instead of her actual scars. It was intentional xD haha
Breathe by AlyaFenume
Every now and then I fight a one-sided battle with a friend of mine. It's always over nerves or something petty. Typical stuff where it's like "They didn't text me back!" but it gets combined with warbling hormones or a bad day and it just makes it just a lot worse. And the fact that the background image on my phone was of my character and this friends character... well.  
There are VERY VERY few images that I'm okay as having as a background (anywhere, computer/tablet/phone) that I haven't, myself, created. I'm really weird like that. The background on my computer has been there for... 3 years and I don't plan on changing it - ever.

So I set out to create myself a phone background. I overlayed it with an image of blue feathers and I was quite pleased.
'04-'14 Improvement by AlyaFenume
'04-'14 Improvement
So there was a 03-09 improvement meme a while back. Oh you know, at like the start of 2010, five years ago hahaha. 

I'm slowly eating away at the space on my computer so I opened up some of the files I no longer touch (which is basically my art folder from my old computer before I got this one in 2012) I saw the meme and decided to... add to it.
Nothing was ever on 2003 because I didn't have a scanner and I wasn't on any online drawing boards yet. So I just poofed that section away and started with 2004, and just added on at the bottom.

There was a moderate amount of colored work introduced in the end of 2013, but it didn't really start showing up lots until 2014. And  the last 6 months has mostly seen just colored works. It's also seen less art in general. You could argue that the colored takes more time, and that's why there's less. But the truth is my job picked up and I no longer had the freedom to draw at work. And I was so undeniably tired when I got home - that I wasn't spending any time drawing on those days, or even days I was off.

Also. I spent most of 2014 filling up a sketchbook with traditional works. I'm just now getting around to digitizing the one's I like. 


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Alya Nem Fenume
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Drawing since i was a kid, love it. I do traditional and digital as a hobby. I also pick up any craft/hobby/skill I can do with my hands and enjoy that as well.

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