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Intimidation by AlyaFenume
The best way I've described this yet is that I'm trying to deal with something like an adult - but everything else keeps getting in the way and my art brain doesn't exactly know how to process what all I'm feeling/doing. And it comes out as Alya being... herself. But she's being intimidating. She's being scary. She's relishing in the fact that (so far) Lydio can't best her. And he's made the mistake of being afraid of her. And where as she wouldn't actually harm a hair on his head - she's having fun fronting and showing off. Yeah it comes off as handsy, possessive and freaking weird. But yeah well. 
that is something my character and I do have in common xD

Fun stuff. haha.
Punishing Roses by AlyaFenume
Punishing Roses
During this image - Meld - Valom gained the theme or roses around his little halo thing as a sort of "pretty to look at, painful to control" sort of deal.

In this case it's more of the possible 'traditional' idea that you're hurt by a rose held too tightly. It's mostly just fun. I spent a good long time doodling her hair tying into knots around the arch and things like that.  There's always a little bit more of a meaning that I usually don't share. It's just kind of warring emotions and missing people.

The blue rose is for Valom as it's in his color, and also more fully bloomed as I've known him forever.
The red rose is for Lydio, in his color, but also more closed since that friendship is fairly new still.
Mourning by AlyaFenume
Okay so... lets see if I can recap this properly...
Lydio is modeled after (and the character of) someone who was a coworker of mine. Said coworker no longer works with me. It was kind of a sudden thing and there was... Hm. Another coworker of ours up and left suddenly - and seemingly broke all contact with me. So the day after Lydio's person left - the silence I was receiving from him was freaking me out that he was doing the same. 
Thankfully it was more of a timing/paranoia issue on my end. But at the time I was flipping the fuck out.

So I drew alya in his Hoodie. The clock (as that's what it is) around her is also symbolizing him. It was meant to either be in mourning of his 'death' so to speak (departure, whatever) - OR to be as if he never existed and it was only a dream sort of deal. Either way it'd be sad.
Wound by AlyaFenume
Poor Lydio. I keep kind of putting this weird sort of evil vibe on him. It's fascinating, I love it. However... he's not supposed to be? 

Though, originally speaking (and still true) it's not like the snake is his - it is actually wrapped around him. So technically it's more like the snake is evil. The colors ended up matching for multiple reasons. Not only because multiple characters favor the black/red color scheme - but because black and red snakes are my personal favorite to illustrate as they were the first and I just kind of kept it up.

Lydio is also, possibly, missing his glasses. 

I KEEP DRAWING LYDIO. this is because I keep seeing him, and because he's my newest character that isn't a woman (I have issues drawing other women. it's hilarious) and I'm completely enamored with him. I've actually put most of my valom work on hold - which is highly unusual for me. usually Valom graces my art more often than Alya. Currently Alya is in the lead with Lydio in second and Valom in third! D: hahah 
Vain in Color by AlyaFenume
Vain in Color
Okay. The last one for the evening that I feel I should catch up with on posting.

I've probably got the pencil version posted up around. And I don't know if I bothered to explain what's going on. But bassically I've done a few images with these two. And I've never colored them - but always meant to. Why? Because who HE is becomes a bit more obvious when it's in color.

Just another one I wanted to update/digitize/redo.

it's amazing that I forgot my favorite brush settings for shading in my art program. i was messing around and popped it right back to where I like it for quick 'messy' but kind of almost textured shading. I was like "OMG I FORGOT" and it was pretty amusing :P


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Drawing since i was a kid, love it. I do traditional and digital as a hobby. I also pick up any craft/hobby/skill I can do with my hands and enjoy that as well.

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